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If the Shoe Fits

We all understand the importance of our safety, and yet can’t help but roll our eyes as we go through TSA security…shoes off, belt off, empty pockets etc.  The movie ”Up in the Air,” depicted this perfectly; George Clooney had his routine down to a tee, including the easy removal of his shoes.

The need for the perfect travel shoe is critical for any savvy traveller.  Laces are a no-no and as much as I cringe while writing this, comfort is very important while traveling.  I was never a fan of Tevas or Birkenstocks and while I love Tom’s Shoes, I was recently introduced to Charles Philip slippers by one of the chicest men I know, Carlos Souza.  For those who don’t know Carlos, not only has he been a public relations genius for the Valentino company for many years, he is also a globe-trotting bon vivant who’s style is only outshone by his warm and lovely personality.

I received a pair of Charles Philip slippers from Carlos and was immediately hooked.  While Charles Philip does refer to these hand-crafted shoes as slippers, they are neither too delicate, nor too precious.  These slippers are truly the most comfortable shoes and immediately fit like a well worn glove.

Carlos Souza

The lining is ultra soft and the sole is sturdy enough to trek through even the longest of connections at any airport or through the maze of the Medina in Marrakech on my way to La Mamounia.  The styles are often crafted from shirting materials and are cobbled by hand in Shanghai. You will love them!

Happy traveling!


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